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Katy Perry is a consummate entertainer with a mega-hit pop song, and the 9:30 Club seemed like a pretty small venue for an artist of her standing. I heard that last Friday’s show sold out in less than 15 minutes, which seemed about right just judging from the sheer enthusiasm of the audience (people apparently started lining up at noon to get in!).

More photos etc after the jump, or see the full set here, including shots of The Daylights, who opened.

In concert, Perry’s music comes across more rock-and-roll than sugary pop, with all the music played by a live band and Perry herself on a pink guitar. Perry spent a fair amount of time connecting with her fans, rambling between songs and working the crowd in the front row. The cynic might call all of this just filler, as she was basically turning her 45-minute album into a 75-minute show.

Still, for a relatively new artist with only one album under her belt, Perry is clearly already an accomplished performer, and certainly not lacking in vocal talent. How much one enjoys her shows basically comes down to an ability to overlook sophomoric banter and lyrical gems like “If you want me you’re gonna have to break the bank tonight.” (Her lyrics seem to reinforce traditional gender roles at every turn—arguably even “I Kissed a Girl” after a fashion—in a way that I find pretty obnoxious.)

Most of the fans seemed to have no such trouble, and absolutely ate it up. A comment on a YouTube video from the show is indicative of the mood: “AT 4:43 SHE HELD MY HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

More photos here.