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Powered by his critically successful new release (Bromst) and glowing green skull, music-as-performance artist Dan Deacon chugs along on his North American tour, leaving his mark on dancefloors and day-glo wearing revelers along the way. But if there’s one thing on which Deacon won’t leave a mark, it’s the environment. At least, that’s the idea. In an effort to reduce his carbon footprint, the Baltimoron is following trailblazer Willie Nelson‘s (and Matt & Kim, Sheryl Crow, myriad indie acts, etc.) footprints in a veggie oil-powered school bus (via Pitchfork).

Although there are mixed opinions about the “veggie car’s” efficacy in saving the planet, I say, Good job Dan Deacon, doin’ your part. BUT IT GET’S BETTER. Waste (used) veggie oil is not so easy to scavenge by day after rockin’ so hard at night. So, Deacon’s bartering with fans—grease for spots on the guest list! Five gallons of clean, filtered veggie oil = you, plus one, on the guest list. Thirty gallons = dinner aboard the eco-bus, prepared lovingly by Deacon and friends. When you and your green grease arrive at the venue, call Geoff (862-266-6130) for the hook up.

Since Deacon wraps his tour at the 9:30 club May 17, I did some preliminary digging for greasy contacts. Unfortunately, D.C.’s few WVO (waste vegetable oil) online forums/blogs have been inactive for a year or more. Most restaurants’ll be happy to part with the slop, so reaching out to pubs, burger joints, and diners on your own might be your best bet (my search stopped short of calling every restaurant with a heart attack on its menu). And there’s always Craigslist.

Still, with D.C.’s liberal population, it’s curious that there aren’t any active sites/blogs devoted to grease foraging. Are there any WVO hotspots in D.C.? Or is the french fry mobile passe, and biking the optimal way to traverse the District (unless, of course, you’re hauling gear on tour)?

Photo of Dan Deacon by Bob Jones, via MySpace.