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And I here I was, thinking that this weekend was going to be as dead as this Rick Ross in-store. But no, turns our that the second annual DNA Test Fest will be kicking-off tonight over at Velvet Lounge. Curated by the guys who run WMUC’s DNA in the DNA radio show, the fest skews towards the the weird, the obscure, and if you’ve heard of half of the bands you’re probably spending too much money in the Fusetron distro. Or maybe you’re just following Dave Malitz’s blog posts.

At any rate, this year should be even clumsier, weirder, and better (relatively speaking) than the last, at least if the line-up below is any indication.

DNA Test Fest II @ Velvet Lounge
$10/1-Day Pass $15/2-Day Pass
915 U Street NW, Washington, DC

Friday: True Womanhood, Screen Vinyl Image, Rosemary Krust, Lampshades, Pygmy Shrews, Pfisters, Armida & Her Imaginary Band.

Saturday: Pink Reason, Kurt Vile, Drunk Driver, The New Flesh, Twin Stumps, Unholy Two, Eightyfive.