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A weekly roundup of unreleased songs, new singles, and assorted musical detritus trickling out to the Web.

Gossip: “Heavy Cross
Can Gossip be the new Red Hot Chili Peppers, please? The Portland trio’s new single, “Heavy Cross,” is rich with punk-funk hooks and it’s produced by Rick Rubin, the man responsible for Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik. Anthony Kiedis and Flea have served us well, but let the era of socks-on-ding-dongs and slap bass be gone—it’s time to let Beth Ditto have a shot at arena rock.

Magik Markers

Magik Markers: “Don’t Talk in Your Sleep”
Becoming experienced, in the ’60s sense, didn’t end so well for Jimi Hendrix. It doesn’t seem to be going so hot for Magik Markers’ guitarist/vocalist Elisa Ambrogio, either. In fact, she sounds like she’s got a pretty severe case of manic depression happening on this song, from the band’s upcoming Balf Quarry. “I have been experienced, but it only filled me with shame/I have been initiated and it’s you that I  blame,” she sings over a quivering stoner-guitar riff.

Deer Tick: “Easy
There’s a simple way to tell whether or not you’re singer-songwriter material: When you wake up, are your thoughts worth singing about? The verdict’s still out on Deer Tick’s John McCauley. “I woke up this morning, I was feeling…” he sings, getting the roots-y sounding “Easy” started by delivering that oldest of clichés. But after he wakes up,  things get a little slurry. How much could he be feeling, really? Most people just want to take a shower or get breakfast.

Cassie: “Not What Love Is

Looks like something is missing from Cassie’s latest fling. It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what it is, though. “All the times that I tried/All the times that you lied/It ain’t worth it,” she sings on “Not What Love Is.” Maybe it’s the romance that’s gone. Maybe it’s because there is another producer where there should be Ryan Leslie, who worked with Cassie on 2006’s Me & U.