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If you were not already aware, Zs—the Brooklyn-based avant-prog group with DC roots—makes terribly pretentious and inaccessible music. At least, according to Howard Stern, who’s apparently quite the authority on post-Braxton noodling.

Maybe the group’s getting tired of being all alone that lofty pedestal of impenetrable aesthetic superiority, though, because Zs are bringing it down to our level on this recently remix LP, a recent split-release by local labels Sockets and Planaria.

Nathan Corbin (aka Zebrablood, of Excepter fame) takes a couple of the group’s quizzical headscratchers and refits them into minimal techno, which sounds equally pretentious, but in reality, it’s pretty bumpin’. Zs currently has one of the tracks posted on its myspace, here, if you want to see for yourself. If you want to grip the physical object, those can be found here.