The new Sonic Youth album, The Eternal, leaked this week. Yesterday, our own Aaron Leitko got heartfelt and nostalgic about actually paying for it and listening to it via Matador’s pretty sweet buy-early program.

Full Disclosure: I have nothing to say about the album. I have not heard the album. I don’t want the crummy leak and I’m too broke to spring for the advanced payment plan. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been tempted to just download thing. The most interesting content so far has been the blog comments after the leak and after the Web Sheriff busts them. It’s like a cop busting a college dorm. Everyone screams Oh Shit and scatters. Then the stupid sense of entitlement sets in. And then really stoopid anger blossoms.

The pre-Web Sheriff comments are all nerd audiophile bird droppings:

“how’s the quality ? i dont want to spoil the moment”


“do you have another version besides webrip?”


“pretty listenable if you ask me, though audiophiles might become deaf after hearing. heh”

And soon, the fear starts to set in:

“beware, websheriff will come soon”

After the web sheriff arrives. The leak is pulled down. Regret sets in:

“damnit, not fast enough”

And then, there’s begging:

“pleazzz someone post link in comments- hearin a preview is not gonna stop me from buyin when it comes out- need my sonik tooth!!!”


“We need a web Robin Hood”

Soon enough, a Robin Hood arrives with a fresh link for the album download.

But there’s still anger at the difficulty of stealing this record.

“Have you noticed how Matador records has become the most evil label on the net? They are relentlessly pursuing and threatening bloggers. I love Sonic Youth and would normally buy the album, but will ban it just because of Matador’s actions….have a look around, they are terrorizing the real music bloggers as well. Sometimes for playing music they sent them in the first place.”

So, the lesson: Matador Records=the new terrorists.

*The Eternal will be physically released on June 9.