Personally, I didn’t believe that indie-pop could rise again.

That’s not to say that I didn’t want it to. I mean, love Heavenly and McCarthy records as much as the next bookish, sensitive, horn-rimmed glasses-wearing guy. But in keeping with that indie-stereotype, I thought I was completely alone in a lonely world of philistines and haters and that C86 was dead. You know, right up there with IDM on the scrap heap of unsalvageable sub-genres.

Fortunately, I was wrong, though. Slumberland is back to putting out good records, Vivian Girls have music videos, and when I was at SXSW I couldn’t cross the street without stumbling into a Crystal Stilts show. And now there’s Liechtenstein, who do pretty much the same naive and reverb-soaked style of pop as the bands listed above, only with elegantly arranged vocal harmonies.

Liechtenstein, Sundresses @ Velvet Lounge
915 U Street NW
9 pm, $8