Sometimes, after you’ve logged some 15 hours on, say, Super Mario Bros. III, you start making up your own lyrics to a video game’s annoying, yet surprisingly hooky, built-in soundtrack. Sometimes these are about events that take place withing the game: “Watch out/here come the spikes/they’re going to get you/no, they’re not.” Other times, you make up words about whatever is on your mind.

This seems like the origin of Ear Pwr‘s asthetic. The Baltimore duo’s new record, Super Animal Bros. III, features songs about sweaters, animals, and animal video games, all set to bleeping crunky synthesizers. But like the Mega-Man themes of old, they do stick in your mind.

Ear Pwr / Exactly/ Adventure @ Comet Ping Pong
Fri. May 22nd, 10 pm, $10
5037 Connecticut Ave