Orpheus Records has officially closed for real. The store had been going out of business for over a year. The store had been on life support due to some serious limbo with whatever tenant was set to fill its Clarendon space. We applauded the store’s going-out-of-business sale. And chronicled its various going-out-of-business bargains and sad pronouncements. The store’s shutdown follows DJ Hut’s closing.

Owner Rick Carlisle had been a fixture among music lovers for three decades. His store was a boon to blues freaks, old-timey nerds, and general rock and jazz fans. If you really wanted that Dylan box set, he’d have it. If you wanted a new copy of the Beatles’ Revolver (British edition), he’d have it. Carlisle’s expertise and general mellowness will be missed. Not to mention his store’s vinyl racks which covered everything from Monk and Ayler to Devo and Dischord.

Carlisle’s voicemail pointed out that he is still in the store packing and that he’s looking for someone to buy the rest of his inventory. He posted this message on his website:

“Oh!, by the way, did I mention…Saturday May 23 was our last day?…Oh No?.. I meant to…Anyway, we are now entertaining ALL wholesale offers…give a call or come by. Thank you to all those who came in Saturday to wish us well and those who bought more stuff. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you……..!…Wholesale inquiries: 703-294-6774 …………….Albums listed on this site are available for sale IN STORE ONLY. Most Bins & Fixtures are Sold, only a couple left, so, if you’re interested..now’s the time. Anybody need a hardly used cash register? We also have a receiver & speakers for sale.. FYI: While I appreciate the interest I am Unable to respond to email at this time. I will respond after we close, although I don’t know how helpful that will be. Thank you…………………..”