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Today we passed on the news that Orpheus Records has officially closed for real. We just got off the phone with Owner Rick Carlisle. Apparently, Carlisle decided to close up shop on Saturday afternoon.

“I’m closed,” Carlisle says. “Saturday was my last day. I didn’t actually decide until two o’clock in the afternoon on Saturday. I originally intended to close the previous Saturday….As the day progressed, it just felt right to do it. I alluded to it on the website and a fair number of people were able to read between the lines and were able to come in and wish me well. It just felt right to close.”

Carlisle says he just had enough.

“The people that were coming in just I don’t know,” he says. “It was just a feeling. It felt like it should happen….There were so few people coming in anymore….I figured I’ve gotten rid of a lot of the inventory. I’ve said my goodbyes. My customers said their goodbyes…It didn’t make any sense to keep waiting. I’ve been losing money for three months. I finally had to pull the plug.”

Carlisle goes on to describe the last day of Orpheus. “The last day all the records were for a dollar,” he says. “On Friday night, I spent several hours putting out new stuff just so it wouldn’t be the same boring junk….Two guys did pretty well getting some good stuff. There was still pretty good stuff… I saw a few $30 records go out for a buck.”

Carlisle did take a few things for himself. “The new releases and high end collectibles are leaving with me,” he says. “I’m still getting the new stuff for my regulars. I have an order coming on Thursday—for my diehards. They’ll come and pick up their Steve Earle record. I have someone coming in for the Felice Brothers.”

I finally asked Carlisle what he was gonna do next. “I have no idea,” he admits. “I decided months ago, I have no time to think about that…. For the first three to six months, I’m not going to do anything….I will be keeping the website up for informational purposes if nothing else for the….next 30 years…”