Is it at all possible to shoot a DC rap video without Ben’s Chili Bowl? Just today not one, but two videos dropped featuring the venerable U St. eatery. First Southeast Slim’s (above) lo-fi “Shake Your Plaits” clip finds dance crew Da Originalz doing the song’s titular dance in front of the restaurant. Then GREAT RAP HOPE Wale (who also rhymes on “Shake Your Plaits” but does not appear in the video) grabbed some of his own Ben’s footage to back his nearly unlistenable Lady Gaga collaboration “Chillin'” (after the jump).

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good half smoke as much as the next man and Ben’s bears significance as one of the few lasting landmarks from pre-gentrification uptown, but surely there are other options. Can Florida Ave. Grill get some love? Or uh… I dunno, Yum’s Carry Out?