50 Cent has been forcing interviewers to listen to him yammer on about Robert Greene‘s book, The 48 Laws of Power, for years. Now, he has taken his obsession with Greene’s guide to crushing foes and annihilating people one step further.

50 has written a book with Greene called The 50th Law, and he’s just announced that he’ll stop off at Howard University on September 9 to plug it.

The 50th Law is an “urban” take on The 48 Laws of Power. The tactical manual (read: self-help book for tough guys) outlines rules for surviving the cutthroat business world, and living a rich, successful life.  Topics include “intense realism” (Ha!), “depth” (Haha!), and forging an empire (OK, we’ll give him that one).

The release for the book claims that Greene’s writings  helped 50 “indentify[sic] friend from foe, opportunity from opposition, and ultimately triumph in a dog eat dog industry.” Sadly, it did not teach him how to make a solid third album, unload unwanted real estate, or avoid pissing off the Game.

No word yet on whether he’ll actually perform when he appears at H.U., or if he’ll pass out free Vitamin Water.