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Sampling the thought-streams of DC musicians past and present.


brett favre has an arm made of old salami ..if he can still “play qb” mike vick can too he wasn’t that bad as a passer fuck that

Edie Sedgwick:

Sandra Bullock poisoned cafeteria’s lentil soup with huge dose of sassy cuteness. Too bad it’s 2009 and the poison is no longer effective.

Ted Leo:

Long form Juggalo Gathering vid if you haven’t seen, & if 1st 7 min aren’t good enough, the 2nd 7 really ratchet it up:

The Dance Party:

Oh, by the way, we just wrote a song with this dude:

Chris Burns:

What asshole created that new #miraclewhip campaign? What “spices” are in the blandest nastiest mayo substitute on the market?