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Sampling the thought-streams of DC musicians past and present.

These United States:

oh, dear, I almost forgot how mind-ticklingly-Good this song was/is — http://is.gd/OoDu — read the lyrics, please, for the love of Dada?!?

totally identify w/ How Frank Sinatra Feels on this one – http://is.gd/Po0l – Shervin will NOT stop bothering us to play “The Business” LOL!

Laura Burhenn:

love to hear friends’ voices on the speakers in all kindsa strange public places. thanks, Maria, for serenading me outside the UPS store!

when life gives you lemons, go swimming: http://yfrog.com/724mjj

Beauty Pill (Chad Clark):

There’s a line from 30Rock that cracks me up whenever I think of it. “Never follow a hippie to a second location.”

Oliver Messiaen was also an ornithologist. Transcribed birdsong into compositions. Glad I’m not the only one.

Favorite Indian restaurant between gym and home. The world has a cruel shape sometimes. I try not to think about it as I drive by.


buisness can wait today is family day gonna see mommy too (african people say mommy till there60 ha) no dates no lunches nothin but fam 2day