pancakes + hummus, sink or swim? let’s go.

Apparently my big Asian head is stenciled on trash cans up and down U Street. Foreshadowing? http://mypict.me/nqyT

Laura Burhenn:

wish I’d never discovered toaster oven smores. now I’ll eat ’em all the time… also, the windmill movie was incredible. highly recommended.

how can they say mark twain was an ENFP? did the myers-Briggs folks hire a psychic & have him take the test from beyond the grave??

Carol Bui:

Driving through Montana at night = terrifying. Driving through Montana during the day = exhilarating!

My favorite part about portland? Burlesque.

Beauty Pill (Chad Clark) :

If you ever get to sit next to Tony Maimone, it means you have won at the game of life.

Tarantino. Please. No speak. Fermez la bouche. Hushy hush for hush time. Shhhh. Listen! Let’s all enjoy the sound of you not talking.

Enroute to Blakroc session. Your average Black Keys/Mos Def/RZA/Qtip/Joel Hamilton/Pharaohe Monch collaboration. Psyched to work on this!


Millions of colors in the world and the color experts at Pantone® can only give us 1,089?