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Asobi Seksu: “Transparence
For a while there Asobi Seksu was one of the last purveyors of noisy, sexy, dream pop and if you were looking for a shoegaze fix, they were the band to go to. Then My Bloody Valentine reunited and the Brooklyn-based duo had to find a new schtick. This alternate version of “Transparence,” originally from the band’s third full-length Hush, finds them swinging a little closer to The Cranberries, who—for Asobi Seksu’s sake—will hopefully stay on hiatus a little while longer.

Tyondai Braxton: “Platinum Rows
Tyondai Braxton’s solo work used to involve beat-boxing, groaning, and a ton of guitar pedals. Judging by “Platinum Rows,” from the Battles guitarists upcoming solo record Central Market, the idea has evolved a little bit. Now there’s an orchestra and a chorus of kazoos. Solo albums are supposed to be small, introspective affairs, that tide you over until the main band finally cracks out another record. But at ten-minutes “Platinum Rows” is pretty epic. The other guys in Battles ought to watch their backs.

Grooms: “Dreamsucker
Sonic Youth has been around so long at this point that now, if you’re ripping off their early years, it’s kind of like starting a classic rock band. Brooklyn’s Grooms have done their homework, though. “Dreamsucker” nails the Sister-vibe right down to the scrappy guitar breaks and signature Steve Shelley beats.

Boo Rossini: “Dat Come Back
Apparently this Jeezy protege has been hanging out in the wings for a little while. Since the earlier part of this decade, at least. Maybe he should stay there, too. This track—which finds him comparing female genitalia to soap, drugs, and Aquafina—makes Rossini sound like a bit of a low-life. And if that’s not enough, he’s also a cheapskate. “I ain’t gonna pay your rent, but I might split it,” he raps.