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Sampling the thought-streams of DC musicians past and present.

Tabi Bonney:

You know how I know I’m a professional rapper now? Cuz I just be randomly grabbing my nuts wherever I am: the dollar store, church, pool etc

I think that the ppl who named “nutella” were either high or extreme comedians. Ain’t no way I will ever try that.

Don’t look away girl just cuz I’m driving my fathers insulation van. LOL

Foul Swoops:

finally looked at pitchfork’s top 500 songs of the 2000’s. not a single song from my top two albums this decade. what a bummer.

too bad the black crowes ruined “hard to handle” because otis really kills on the original.

Craig Wedren

Beauty book, Hotel De Dream: falling drops of vertebrae=gorgeous neck, cut-glass veil=only kidding yrslf, everyone else knows.

HUNG ep 8 realgood, my score n cover of Queen’s Play The Game been waiting to do that since Camp Modin 1982

Edie Sedgwick:

Manson all riled up. Won’t stop trying to tattoo a swastika on to my forehead. Gotta convince him to do the Rolling Stones lips instead…

Oasis – the “Family Feud” of Beatles cover bands.

“Funny People” – kind of the lime flavor in the Judd Apatow Life Saver roll.