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An occasional feature in which esteemed D.C. rapper Head-Roc shares what’s on his mind.

Some months ago at my man Peace Justice Universal’s crib, I had bit of an Alpha male moment with a brother named Mental Stamina of the D.C. hip-hop group Rosetta Stoned. Rather than tell you the details of how it got started, or even how it ended, I’m gonna tell you about how much I fucks with this rising star and brilliant D.C. music and arts community organizer.

Having had the extreme pleasure of hanging out with BrotherTyrone Norris (A.K.A. Mental Stamina) last week, I was excited to learn more about the philosophies surrounding the music and party events he promotes— all of which are well attended by a fresh, young, attractive, receptive, and energetic crowd.

The first one I heard about on the scene was Cakes and Kisses, a monthly jam session at Asylum which takes place the first Thursday of every month.

Besides getting to bear witness and fellowship with some of the finest next generation MCs and musicians in and around Chocolate City, you get to do so while receiving great hospitality and welcome.  The staples of every Cakes and Kisses event are  slices of delicious cakes and Hershey’s kisses nicely laid out and offered to all who attend.

Taking it further and speaking on what we can expect at tonight’s Cakes and Kisses Party, Tyrone says he’s working other forms of art into the mix:   “Last month we had a PS3 in the club and a vintage clothing boutique in the basement. This month we’re adding on to both of those…so expect a few surprises.”  Brother Tyrone has also let me know that Cakes and Kisses parties are being thrown in Baltimore as well these days.

This next thing, the Circus, is some crazy ambitious, but beautiful shit. There is one scheduled for this weekend, Saturday September 5 @ Expo, but the Circus that will be simply bananas is the one taking place on Saturday September 19. One day, six venues, and over 20 acts of varying musical flavors to choose from-all within walking distance of each another.

Attending one event gets you free or reduced admission for the others. The names scheduled to rock are legends and leaders of the D.C. hip-hop and funk scenes: Enoch the 7th Prophet, Educated Consumers, Bomani, Ardaplus, The Five One, Lyriciss, and his own Rosetta Stoned, to name a few.

During our fellowship, I asked Brother Tyrone why he is doing all this hustling—producing events at venues not typically pursued or associated with the D.C. indie music scene. He explained to me that he simply wanted to be a part of building a sustainable D.C. hip-hop scene without having to be undervalued or devalued by the gatekeepers of our city’s “preferred” venues. Now, y’all KNOW I’m fucking with that all the way live!

Check the details below and support the movement!

Head-Rocis a founding member of legendary D.C. hip-hop crew 3LG, WAMMIE award-winning solo MC, and frontman of the hip-hop/funk/rock group Godisheus.

Thursday, Sept 3 @Asylum
Cake & Kisses
Kev Brown
21+ | 9pm | Free

Saturday, Sept 5 @Expo
The Circus
21+ | 9pm | $10

Saturday, September 19 @ various venues
The Circus