On Wednesday night Wonderland Ballroom will take some time out of their busy schedule of awkward ex-hipster dance parties to host a fundraiser for Landy Thompson’s gang prevention organization In Da Streets. Though the event is billed cryptically on the Wonderland website as simply “Landy Thompson Fundraiser” it will also serve as a showcase for actual rap performers.

The flyer, which I ripped off of a telephone pole to share with you, is a charmingly out-of-time affair. From the power fist (at Wonderland?!) to the dot matrix style shadowing and border effects, the whole thing is very 1997. I am interpreting that as a good sign. The lineup represents a solid cross-section of less publicized local rappers from both the more street oriented side of things (Garvey The Chosen One, invited guests the Circle Boys) to the open mic/conscious side of things (Bomani of scandal inducing “Read a Book” fame and the hardest working man in DC, Flex Matthews). If you’re uptown tomorrow night and you want to hear some rapps and support a good cause you should fall through.