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Ask anyone in the industry about go-go music and they’ll tell you the same thing: it plays exclusively to the the greater DC area. This new series is an attempt to refute that claim by presenting hard evidence of Go-Go’s influence throughout the music world. It’d be hypocritical to complain about biting since most of the great bands are essentially cover bands, but it’s still worth noting that there is sometimes a two way street of influence.

First up is Jay-Z, a little known Brooklyn rapper who is probably best known for collaborating with the group Original Flavor and carrying Big Daddy Kane’s weed. But for his 1999 single, the Rockwilder produced “Do It Again” (video above), Jay swiped the hour by hour after-the-hook up chorus and concept from Rare Essence’s DC favorite “Overnight Scenario.” It may seem no sweat off RE’s back to have such a small fries rapper borrowing their ideas, but Jay-Z actually managed to turn “Do It Again” into a minor hit. I think it was one of his only ones.

There was some talk of a lawsuit a few years after the fact, but the outcome was never announced. It doesn’t seem like there would be much in the way of legal recourse, though. I don’t imagine this Jay-Z character has very deep pockets anyway. Though he did happen to drop a new album yesterday. It’s a low profile affair and has almost completely overlooked by the media thus far.