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Sampling the thought-streams of DC musicians past and present.

Tabi Bonney:

-Missy Elliot is/was great! How did I not list her in my top female rappers?She changed the whole game sonically & visually with Timbo & Hype

-I’m actually listening to my own music “dope” which I don’t do after I release it to the world.This joint is tight & I’m not even biased LOL

These United States:

-day off! sittin Oceanside in San Diego, listenin to Everest and The Parson Red Heads, two killer bands we’re rockin Los Angeles w tomorrow!


-im happy .. but rewriting for the 848774943th time 🙂

-in the studio with pharrell…i wanna go live…but im not sure if this aircard can take ustream right now

Foul Swoops:

-grabbing all my can goods and headed for the hills. i am not gonna be a part of the race war taking place at the VMAs.

-who’s more in the wrong: me for trying to sell an unopened copy of Murmur to Cd Seller or CD Seller for not wanting it?

Craig Wedren

-The Making Of Pony Express Record in all it’s raw, mundane glory. http://bit.ly/34tGPe