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In which the author expresses his mixed feelings about Michael Moore‘s new film with one quote and fifty carefully-chosen adjectives.

“Anytime I make one of these movies, it’s a war.” – Michael Moore at American Film Institute, 9/28/09

Alarmist. One-sided. Problematic. Hyperbolic. Overblown. Paranoid. Narcissistic. Credulous. Dogmatic. Manipulative. Absurd. Overlong. Obama-friendly. Vituperative. Barking. Simplistic. Naïve. Vaudevillian. Disingenuous. Unsophisticated. Hostile. Fantastical. Ingratiating. Condescending. Megalomaniacal. Necessary. Rousing. Funny. Sensitive. Inspiring. Faithful. Courageous. Piquant. Moving. Truth-telling. Gut-wrenching. Poignant. Witty. Muckraking. Well-timed. Honest. Stinging. Shocking. Simple. Sympathetic. Idealistic. Barbed. Well-intentioned. Emo. Meant. Felt.

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