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Teenbeat has announced that, for the first time since ’92, the label has re-pressed Unrest‘s Imperial f.f.r.r. as a vinyl LP. It’s a nice gesture for those of us who missed it the first time (myself included). There are a few critics out there who imply that Imperial f.f.r.r. was the band’s breakthrough—the moment when scrappy and high-concept indie-rock gave way to blissful minimalist pop. I might be inclined to agree. Then again, I refuse to spend any serious time with the follow up, Perfect Teeth, until I can afford listen to it in the way it was meant to be heard.

What’s more, the Teenbeat Website has made two Unrest live CDs available via mail order—one set recorded in 1993 and another from the label’s 20th anniversary show in 2005.

Track listings for the live stuff after the jump.


1: Imperial 2: Cath Carroll 3: I Do Believe You Are Blushing 4: So Sick 5: Bavarian Mods 6: Six Layer Cake 7: Suki 8: Isabel 9: Make Out Club 10:June 11: Canadian Broadcasting Interview

WASHINGTON, Feb 24, 2005 1: Blushing (soundcheck) 2: Don Smith intro I 3: Don Smith intro II 4: Suki 5: Imperial 6: I Do Believe You Are Blushing 7: Sugarshack 8: Isabel 9: Light Command 10: West Coast Love Affair 11: Make Out Club 12: Vibe Out! / Hudro 13: Cath Carroll 14: June 15: Cherry Cherry