And by “demand” they mean “gimmick.”

Last week, Paramount opened a low-budget, Blair Witch-esque film called Paranormal Activity in a handful of cities, testing the rest of the country’s interest in seeing the movie by directing people to a Web site at which viewers could click a “Demand it!” button and enter their location.

Except when you did that, the only way you could confirm your vote was to create an account—and tell the nice marketing people what else you were into so they could suggest other stuff for you to buy/watch/do.

And what do you know? This Friday, the film is opening in 20 more cities! Including AMC Georgetown, whose first showing is at 12:01 a.m.

You allegedly have 230,000 voters to thank. And if you were among those, probably a lot of spam to attend to.

Here’s the even more gimmicky trailer. (OK, I admit I do want to see it.)