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A minor Wale-related scandal hit the web this week, surrounding a 93.9 ad campaign. On the radio commercial, someone claiming to be Wale’s cousin makes a sound-alike parody of Wale’s seemingly aborted lead single “Chillin,” and tries to push it to the station. He is swiftly rejected in favor of Birdman and Alicia Keys records.

Wale fans didn’t take to kindly to this, blowing up message boards and station managers inboxes about their unwillingness to support local music.

Sure, the ad probably wouldn’t sting so hard if the station did make an effort to throw a little more in the way of local music into regular rotation. But the Wale fanboys and girls might be waving their DMV flag a little too hard in this case. It’s pretty clear from the audio that the butt of the joke was the guy who was trying to get on by creating a fake Wale record and not Wale himself. And even if they were, in fact, clowning “Chillin,” it was deserved. That record is atrocious, as shameless as any pop rap that WKYS would be playing in its place. Aesthetically, it has very little to do with Washington, D.C.

Predictably, Wale has taken to twitter. Not to complain about the perceived diss, but to complain about how he didn’t complain about the perceived diss: