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my pack game is so official. you dont wanna see my tour tetris. forreal, i could fit a family of 6 into a fannypack.

had my 1st facial (cant wait to hear from my mature ass twitter friends’ reply). attached suction cups&steam machines to the grill. relaxin!

Travis Morrison:

Can tell when you aren’t playing with your original drummer. Even if he’s not that big a fan. Just sayin in case you were gonna get back …

Woke up totally nostalgic for the early 80s baltimore orioles and googled lenn sakata.

Beauty Pill (Chad Clark):

There is a “Halloween store” near my house that offers absolutely no costumes for women that aren’t conspicuously sexy. None.

A 1986(!) Steve Reich interview tape unearthed! Talks about Ghana, Stravinsky, Charlie Parker, Bach.

Last Tide:

Oh man Pandora, what are you thinking? The “demo” version of Freebird? Freebird without the guitar solo is not Freebird.