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Sampling the thought streams of D.C. musicians past and present.

The Jet Age:

Our brand new album, “in ‘Love'”, is out on October 27! Keep your eyes peeled for ordering info and tour dates!: http://bit.ly/CeTKL

Surprisingly underwhelmed by the new Revolver remaster. 🙁 -E


Vintage episodes of American Gladiator just aren’t doing it for me right now.

New Sockets column FORGOTTEN VINYL. First download is a posi disco raga by Charanjit Singh! http://bit.ly/2MKvoQ

Edie Sedgwick:

Speedy Gonzales on the phone…trying to get me a licensing deal. Gonna need a big advance if I’m gonna sign with a stereotype…

Hanging with Rodney Dangerfield and Trotsky tonight. Trotsky really pissed that Dangerfield called Marx’s dialectical materialism “a farce.”

Travis Morrison:

http://bit.ly/oj8Tr AND http://bit.ly/ZFB1v. Weird day for a Washingtonian.

my bus driver hit a squirrel today and mumbled at it for the rest of the ride. You can’t just jump out in the road like that.