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Kevin “Kato” Hammond is in the process of selling his Take Me Out to the Go-Go Website.

Since 1997, Hammond has shared his encyclopedic knowledge of go-go via TMOTTGOGO.com, which at various times has included a monthly online magazine, a blog, an active message board, and a weekly online radio show that allowed Kato to share music from his deep go-go archives. Typically, any go-go news—everything from D Floyd leaving Rare Essence to Big G joining the cast of The Wire—was broken on the site, either by Hammond himself or members of the boards.

Hammond tells CP that he’s selling the site because he is “looking to do something new,” but adds that he’s currently negotiating a deal that will involve him continuing to have a hand in TMOTT’s content.

Recently, Hammond expanded the scope of TMOTT to include local news and national entertainment stories, and he hopes the sale will partner him with a buyer interesting in further broadening TMOTT’s scope and attracting new readers.  Hammond says ” continued growth towards a wider audience as we enter into the next era of Web 3.0″ is the  goal.

Hammond also says that national attention received by go-go (and go-go-influenced) artists such as Wale and UCB have inspired him to extend his reach.

“[W]hat go-go can no longer do is stifle itself…and then continue to cry that it isn’t being accepted. That just doesn’t make any sense to me,” he wrote in an e-mail. “As certain elements in go-go continue to open their doors and make strides (i.e., Wale, UCB, Anwan “Big G” Glover, etc.) stepping into the view of wider audiences, I would like for TMOTT to do the same thing.

“[Y]ou have to bring them in… diversify yourself… If we’re going to talk about Chuck Brown, why can’t we also talk about P.Diddy? If we’re going to showcase TCB, why can’t we also showcase Lil Wayne? That’s basically the direction that I foresee TMOTT going into.”