Pressing a record is a pain in the ass. Really, it is. You have to record the music, get the tracks mastered, press the records themselves, have them shipped from the pressing plant and so on and so forth.

So after taking the better part of a year just to get the music part right, it’s understandable that True Womanhood might want to forgo the pains of creating a physical product. Especially when there are quicker, more efficient ways to get the music out there. The moody D.C.-based band leaked two new studio tracks around the internet yesterday—posting a yousendit link on facebook and passing the songs around to interested parties via e-mail.

The two songs—”Magic Child” and “Dignitas”—were recorded by the band in three studios over the course of seven months. “Most of it was recorded [in Brooklyn] at Death By Audio, some of it was recorded in D.C. at our houses, and the vocals were recorded in Baltimore, with J Robbins,” explains guitarist/vocalist Thomas Redmond. “The last time we recorded [for a demo CD, sold at shows throughout ’08] we did it in my living room. We used really shitty equipment. We bought the cheapest—literally the cheapest— mics we could get on Musician’s Friend, set them up haphazardly, and made due. So this time it took a while to figure out what was the right sound.”

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