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Tabi Bonney:

My fathers advice to me before I head out to Cali in the morn = “talk alot” Thanks dad, where would I be without you. LOL

Got alot done so far & now I’m about to take a nap and dream about my pop life in 2010.

KingPen Slim

DMV popping so hard these next two weeks, hu homecoming, Monday night football, bp3 tour and Halloween get sleep now

Chris samuels set to retire due to his recent neck injury? Damn

Carol Bui:

at inner year last night til 1am knocking out flute overdubs and my mouth feels just fine! we begin MIXING THIS WEEK…it’s about damn time

Beauty Pill (Chad Clark)

Doctor says BP can tour next Spring if I keep with the same regimen. Death 0, Chad 1. Hoping to defer the rematch.