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Field Music: “Measure
After a two-year hiatus spent toiling at solo efforts—School of Language and The Week That Was—brothers David and Peter Brewis have reunited Field Music and promptly cranked out a 20 song double record. And while that smacks of indulgence, “Measure,” the album’s title track, finds the band as reserved ever—pairing austere string loops with exacting percussion and rivaling the George Formby Jr. songbook for the title of most English-sounding music ever.

Surf City: “Autumn
The Kiwi quartet plays New Zealand’s version of classic rock—that is to say trippy indie-rock rife with slacker ebullience and backwards guitar riffs.

Frankie Rose: “Thee Only One
Former Crystal Stilts and Vivian Girls drummer Frankie Rose has gone solo, but her debut single doesn’t fall too far from the reverb-soaked, Phil Spector-loving vine. “Thee Only One,” is so hazy sounding that one must assume the song was recorded at the bottom of a cistern next to a fire fueled by old copies of Chickfactor.

Weezer (ft. Lil Wayne): “Can’t Stop Partying
For years now, old time Weezer fans have been down on their knees praying that Rivers Cuomo will finally get back to writing guitar rock and stop rapping/rap-rocking/repping Timbaland. “Can’t Stop Partying,” probably isn’t what they had in mind, though. “Gotta have Patron, gotta have the beat/I gotta have a lot of pretty girls around me,” sings Cuomo. Those wounded-but-nerdy words wouldn’t have been a bad fit on Pinkerton, but the big synth splashes and the guest verse by Weezy, not so much. “The unusual is the fucking usual/Man my life is beautiful,” raps Lil Wayne, who is at this point, may be the only person on the radio making weirder choices than Cuomo.