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Tomorrow night Gestures—D.C.’s second-best-use-of-air-pressure and only punk-rock brass band—will celebrate the completion of its debut EP, Nice, in a time-honored fashion beloved by any musician who has just spent tall paper recording and pressing a record.

In other words, they’ll go busking.

The sextet—which features drums, tuba, saxophone, clarinet and two drummers—will perform live tomorrow night on or near Dupont Circle. There’s a chance that this action will trigger a turf war with the Circle’s traditional occupants, the United House of Prayer’s shout bands. Probably not, as those guys generally play in the summer. Also, UHOP shout bands are all about fire, brimstone, and Dixieland. Gestures, on the other hand, sounds a little more like a herd of elephants sinking into an ocean abyss.

Read the band’s official statement after the jump:

“GESTURES will be meeting in Dupont Circle to perform ROUTINE EMERGENCY TRAINING. During this exercise, GESTURES will be testing and otherwise handling NO-JAZZ, NEW ORLEANS RHYTHMS, PUNK COMPOSITION and other hazardous materials. Your participation in and support for this exercise is appreciated. This exercise in no way indicates the long-term persistence of these hazardous materials. Again, this is a routine drill, designed to enhance the aural safety and sonic expectations of persons at or near Dupont Circle; please do not be alarmed by what you hear.”

Gestures @ Dupont Circle
Sat., Oct. 31 at 3:30 pm