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Hey y’all, welcome to the San Francisco Panorama Arts Desk roundup. Jingles, $20 newspapers, copyright treaties, comic books, singing gynecologists, Fotoweek drama, and Chuck Klosterman, after the jump.

Jack Pendarvis can’t think of too many movies with jingles other than The Lords of Flatbush, and it has a jingle only because it’s about the ’50s, back when life—judging by the cinema from that era—was sound-tracked. The theme song from Requiem for a Dream IS NOT a jingle, but it is terrifying and memorable and humming it is almost as good as saying “ass-to-ass?” when you are trying to find inventive ways to tell your friends that you want to watch Jared Leto get his arm sawed off.

Gentleman Broncos is getting the Informers treatment. Apparently, it just flat out sucks.

McSweeney’s is releasing the largest, most expensive newspaper to date next month. Fact: It will be called the San Francisco Panorama. Fact: It will contain “over 380 pages of original content.” Fact: It will be printed on 15″ x 22″ broadsheet, in full color. Fact: It will contain original work by Michael Chabon, William T. Vollmann, Art Spiegelman, and Junot Diaz. Hypothesis: Judging by the list of above facts, it’s going to be a big ‘ole sausage fest that entertains but proves little, other than that Dave Eggers’ imagination is not constrained by the economic realities of the print journalism industry.

Jean-Louis Altan, curator of Zone 2.8, writes in with this: “our show ‘Before Shanghai’ at gallery Zone 2.8 will have is opening Sunday Nov, 8  from 6PM to 9PM as scheduled  but, in light of disagreement with parts of the concept of the photo festival,  we have decided not to be  featured  as a ‘fotoweekdc’ event.” Uh, who knew that fotoweekdc had its own drama?

– Have you watched V? I’ve heard only good things about it all week. But it wasn’t until I read this, by Mary HK Choi, that I decided to put the show on my Hulu que: “She rapes your face with her face and she does it while SMILING WITH HER EYES and it’s so confusing because she has the perfect pixie haircut of a passionate inner-city grade school teacher and is maybe wearing Armani Collezioni.” I don’t even know what that means, I just know I want it to happen to me.

– Also, BIG CORRECTION: The Eccentric Soul Revue at the 9:30 Club is happening on TUESDAY, NOT WEDNESDAY. Yours truly is a dumbass.

– Funny story: Got home last night, and the girlfriend had some funky ass music coming through the speakers. I ask her what’s up, and she says that she typed “Baby Got Back” into Pandora, but for some reason, Pandora heard, “Baby Got the Rickets,” and so we spent the rest of the night listening to the Memphis Jug Band. Pretty good stuff.

-There is a difference between Auto-Tune, vocoder, and talk box. Miles Raymer can teach you about those differences, and he can do it gently.

Josh Wolk is leaving Entertainment Weekly. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that “we” are one unemployed arts writer closer to having to fight for Arianna Huffington’s pleasure while dressed as furries, broken pieces of editorial placard super-glued to our over-sized, cum-stained paws (the costumes would be secondhand). I see this happening: journalists are the new Christians, Amerikkka, the new Rome. RUN, JOSH!

– ONE WORLD GOV’T ALERT: “The internet chapter of the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, a secret copyright treaty whose text Obama’s administration refused to disclose due to “national security” concerns, has leaked. It’s bad,” writes Boing Boing. That last part isn’t true; it’s actually catastrophic.

– Does anyone know when Chock Klosterman starts his book tour for Eating the Dinosaur? Has it started already? He sure is doing a lot of interviews, in which he objects to everything. Instead of playing Q&A with Flavorwire, Klosterman gave them a list of “12 Albums that Kick Writer’s Block.” I own exactly one album off the list (MBV’s Loveless) but I think I am ready to try the Drive-By Truckers, who sound cool as shit.

– “What do a bunch of singing gynecologists sound like?

– The transcript from the SPX ’09 Critics Roundtable is available. I didn’t make the conference this year, but I was kind of shocked and embarrassed to read that, of the panel’s many talented writers/participants, few of them are paid to blog about comics.

– There’s a great discussion of King of the Queen City: The Story of King Records over at the Oxford American‘s website. Side note: Glad to see these cats are taking to the web. It’s a great magazine.

– I don’t know shit about Martin Heidegger, other than that he was a Nazi lover. For a really brutal takedown of Heidegger and his apologists, here’s Ron Rosenbaum. For a slightly less convincing defense of Heidegger’s contributions to 20th century German philosophy, here’s Damon Linker.

-And to get your morning started off right, here’s some “Chicken and Meat”: