Sampling the thought streams of D.C. musicians past and present.


A man has our elevator filled to the brim w/plants. Its like a 2 acre jungle crammed into a cubicle. he’s complaining the door won’t shut.

i think i just discovered the malkovich floor of my building? what exactly is going on the 3rd floor? 🙂

Mother fucker, I’m trying to watch the lost boys!!


dear ucb..i will go to breakfast w/ yall but i am NOT goin to eat a Dinosaur sized pancake at “The Griddle”

everybody askin what kinda shoes im wearin…haa

09 airmaxes

Casper Bangs:

is listening to some old songs he wrote and thinking that they are not that good.

The Whitespace 7″ should in stores soon, but it’s available now here:

Tabi Bonney:

My bookbag smells like it’s been eatin chicken behind my back…literally

Somebody somewhere has candy paint…on their house though.

I think I’m just gonna say “Jordan!” after I have sex or something from now on.