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Washington City Paper: What’s your name?
Luca Vortex: Luca Vortex.

That’s not your real name. That’s a punk name.
That is how everybody knows me.

How old are you?

Are you familiar with go-go music?

Go-go like a dancer?
[Your correspondent and his traveling companion, both Washingtonians, attempt to explain go-go music to LV. Chuck Brown, Rare Essence, and the Junkyard Band are mentioned. Your correspondent asks his companion to remind him what the Junkyard Band’s biggest hit is. His companion reminds him: “Sardines.” They sing “Sardines” for LV.]
Is the Junkyard Band something with Nick Cave?

No…it’s like…it’s hard to explain…it’s native to Washington…and African-American…these guys cover popular R&B hits, but with a different beat…
They revisit the songs?

Yes, they revisit them…funkily…
That sounds good. I do not know it. I want to know it.

What do you think about when you think about Washington?

The flag.

What do you envision when you think about the city?

I think about something big…something mysterious.

Like there are big buildings. And mysterious things hidden inside them.

I guess Washington is mysterious.
Does Lincoln have something to do with Washington?

Yes. [Your correspondent and his traveling companion explain the Lincoln Memorial.]
OK….Is the goal of this article to bring more Europeans to Washington?


[Author’s note: After the conclusion of this interview, your correspondent’s traveling companion deemed Luca Vortex “cute.”]