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A Sucker for Van Sant: Pattinson wants the director onboard for this, um, upcoming vampire flick.

Brokeback Didn’t Completely Break Oscar-Bait Barriers: Peter Knegt of indieWIRE has accused the Weinstein Company of “de-gaying” the trailer for A Single Man, the directorial debut of designer Tom Ford that stars Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, and Matthew Goode. Ford’s production company released a teaser that shows Firth’s character, an English teacher, kissing Goode as well as looking longingly at a male student; Weinstein’s version offers just smooches between him and Moore along with blurbs about the film’s award-worthiness. The differences are admittedly easy to miss in the quick-moving montage that comprises both two-minute trailers. What is unmistakable, however, is that each drips in pretension while giving absolutely no clue what the film is about. A Single Man will have a limited release Dec. 11; no word on a D.C. opening yet.

Below the jump: Robert Pattinson, Gus Van sant, Will Smith, and…Jigsaw!

As If Sparkling Vampires Weren’t Gay Enough: Twilight swoon-inducer Robert Pattinson—aka Edward Cullen, the “vegetarian” vampire who doesn’t die but shimmers in the sun—has mentioned that he’d like Gus Van Sant to direct Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final (let’s hope) installment in the teen-bloodsucker series. Pattinson’s reasoning? The film will purportedly be shot in Portland, Ore.: “[Van Sant] shoots everything in Portland,” he said. “He’s good at making it look beautiful.” And, quite often, silent—which may be appropriate for Bella and Edward’s interspecies yearning, though the long, dialogue-free stares didn’t work so well in the first movie, did they?

In More Shocking News, Hollywood Remake Gets Canned! ReelzChannel reports that plans for the American redo of Korea’s 2003 cult classic Oldboy have been dropped. The big names attached? Will Smith and Steven Spielberg. Methinks we dodged a huge, embarrassing bullet there.

But Tinseltown Hasn’t Completely Loosened Its Fierce Grip on Unoriginality: Despite Saw VI’s poor box office, pre-production for Installment No. 7 is already in the works. The twist: Jigsaw and his torture porn will now be boring everyone in 3-D. Of course it will—can’t let a franchise die a measly two-dimensional death. (But please, do let it die soon.) —Tricia Olszewski