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KingPen Slim:

I’m dropping pops off in g town & he says in his thick west Indian accent “I was shopping here when niggas were wearing polyester and shit”

Need to punch you in the mouth with a Listerine boxing glove

I got #attentiondeficit on Itunes, on the leak and I need to cop out the store to complete the trifecta


The last few weeks have easily been the busiest of the year. Feels good to be in the final stages of the album releasing process though!

Got word that a few of my recent tracks will be on the show Styl’d airing on @MTV in Nov. Stay tuned for more info!

Foul Swoops:

after playing a lot of NBA Live 2001 over the last few days I’ve come to the conclusion that Foye is a young Alvin Williams.

the verizon center is as empty as a foul swoops show.

Edie Sedgwick:

Bulgarian guy on 4-pack/day cigarette habit: “We all have to die someday.”

All the vegan vampires here in Macedonia hot to trot in re: tofu-flavored blood.

Free barf bags on this tour through your aesthetic.