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They’ve spared us any one-liners about crossing the road, or having flown the coop. But something about Koen VanMechelen‘s “Cosmopolitan Chicken Project” at Conner Contemporary brings out the punniest in bloggers and writers everywhere. It’s easy to see why: There’s an abundance of material, from the classic chicken or the egg scenario to the deliciousness of nuggets and wings. So who’s managed to come up with the cheesiest chicken headline? Here’s a rating of various instances of Cosmopolitan Chicken-related wordplay (note: articles about previous iterations of VanMechelen’s chicken art are have been included).

Monica Hesse‘s article goes for the obvious pun, and it’s a real eye-roller. Adding insult to injury, at the end of the article, she pretends to have tried to extract a quotation from the gallery’s resident Jersey Giants. Weak. D

Not a pun, but a reference: Baltimore artist and blogger Cara Ober cites a Louis Jordan song. Here, it’s sung by some Muppets. B+

That’s the blog Marlow Maunders on both the exhibit and the Post feature about it. He’s probably right on the first point, but we’ll never know for sure, as these guys won’t be ending up in a KFC Double Down anytime soon. C-

Huh? Wait a second, Art Newspaper. What does T.S. Eliot have to do with this? Oh, whatever. D

The Guardian is kinda cheesy, kinda bad, and kinda clever here. Sort of like that KFC Double Down. B-

This one’s from ReadySetDC, which segued from a description of Conner’s show to the FotoWeek exhibit Fixations above it, with this one-liner. Double entendres are made funnier when they unintentionally insult an international artist. Let’s just hope that ReadySetDC does not encounter an artist who works with cats. C