Sampling the thought streams of D.C. musicians past and present.

Sean McArdle:

Really nice show last night. On my way to Leutkirch. New levels of exhaustion today, but feeling good.

2 planes 6 trains one bus and almost 30 hours later, I am in Berlin. Best Borsht I have ever had. Being well looked after. What time is it?

Raheem DeVaughn

Im amazed how beautiful woman are exploiting themselves on twitter no clothes on & ect leave something for the imagination. Stop advertising

its not a attack on woman! Im saying yall are bigger than that its 90% of the reason u fell disrespected & overlooked. U a QUEEN ya dig?

1 said we do it for attention, another cuz Im a model so its to get work, another was dont judge us basically Im beautiful & wanna show it

Tabi Bonney

On a serious note though. Why are women so deceptive & hide? U guys got make up, weave, surgery(some) & now booty pop underwear. Why??

And when u see us men, there is no deception. If we are ugly, funny looking or something you know off the tippy top. Ain’t no hiding

-All of my real true girlfriends never wore makeup & didn’t really have to. I guess you guys can call me soulful after all LOL!!!

Beauty Pill (Chad Clark)

-Christina Billotte needs to sing again. She’s in L.A. now. Some dubstep producer oughta ring her. Not kidding. Great voice.

-(Apologies to all who get bored when I tweet about technical shit.) Cytomic = virtual substitute for the C1 while I await the Vandergraph.