Joy Zinnoman of Studio Theater
Joy Zinnoman of Studio Theater

Joy Zinoman, the longtime artistic director of 14th Street institution Studio Theatre, will be giving a luncheon address today at the National Press Club. Chow starts at 12:30, “program” at 1:00.

This is a great match—-Zinoman and the National Press Club. After all, consider all that this founding artistic director accomplished in the area of press and public relations. As discussed in this blog post, Zinoman managed to keep the news of her planned departure from local news outlets for four years.

Over those four years, Studio execs and board members deliberated repeatedly about Zinoman’s retirement, what it would mean to the outfit, how to handle it, and so on. Yet none of us caught on. This “secret” was known to at least 100 individuals.

And so Zinoman could be expected to craft an amazing address to the National Press Club entitled, “How to Hold On to Your News Embargo.”

But, alas, that’s not going to be the focus. According to the press club, Zinoman will be talking about how a theater saved a neighborhood.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery