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Morning, y’all! Pep-pep’s back, after an extended leave of absence, and he’s ready to link your mind! For starters, WaPo runs yet another Facebook article; this time, there’s a news peg on which to hang your irritation. Also, the Boston Globe really demonstrates its reach by patting the shit out of its own back: The paper’s best nonfiction of the year essay (dudes—list this stuff from here on out), ranks Last Lion as the second best nonfiction books of the year, right after Sen. Ted Kennedy‘s memoir. Is there an embargo on real books in Beantown? Or, perhaps books not written by the Globe staff?

– Can I just say this, please? Man On the Moon is underrated. I am listening to this album right now, and it has me thinking I can do anything. Also, it’s not like Kid Cudi is going on and on about how he’s the best rapper in the world, which is something that hip-hop fans seem to demand from their idols. Kudi is more like Cobain, who was always kind of down on shit and never ever ever sang over and over, “I am the best grunge singer alive, I am the best grunge singer, bow down to the best grunge singer.” HAHA I just paraphrased Jay-Z and I bet you all bobbed your heads. Anyway, Kudi as Cobain: Discuss.

– I ate this for dinner last night. Will I be gassy today? Stay tuned!

– Fall asleep in tauntaun guts, wake up in the same broken  home where you fell asleep in tauntaun guts!

Gang pictures.

Read this essay by Joe Queenan, which is about bad cover art, and tell me how much you hate it when some troglodyte points at the post-movie-release re-issue of your fave Cormac McCarthy book and says, “Isn’t that a movie?” Or, as Queenan puts it: “I do not know what Huck looked like as Twain imagined him, any more than I know how F. Scott Fitzgerald envisioned Jay Gatsby. But Gatsby cannot look like Robert Redford, and the most memorable character in American fiction cannot look like the diabolically cuddly Elijah Wood. Cannot, cannot, cannot.”

Photo via Official Star Wars Blog, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0