In which a live performance by a Boston-based indie-rock trio is juxtaposed with 10 decontextualized quotes from the author’s interview with Vincent Scorziello, that trio’s founding member.


1. We’re leaving tomorrow to make long drive.

2. But no one, when they are 5 or 6, says that they wanna be advertising manager for a university press when they grow up.

3. We got caught up in Kiss-mania.

4. Once they go to school, all bets are off—there’s no subtly influencing them.

5. We had action figures and posters. Maybe we had a lunchbox.

6. I think those guys in AC/DC have the market cornered on sexual puns. It’s a hard market to break into. I mean, those guys are literary giants.

7. We’ve been around long enough with the same three guys. If we’re going to kill each other, we would have by now.

8. We made a mistake with fast food.

9. It wasn’t until a few years later that I realized what I was singing.

10. We expect to have fun.