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HO HO WHO: Self-styled spitfire Griffin makes what LOOKS like a holiday CD, and if you were saving up a bunch of holiday CDs for months, you might think it IS a holiday CD rather than put it straight in your sell pile, where you might have made SOMETHING off this while you still could. But title and Griffin’s outfit on the cover notwithstanding, the only holiday content on here is a brief rip on Kwanzaa.

THE LEZYNE PRESSURE DRIVE M MINI BIKE PUMP: Griffin is funnier than the Sleigher thought she’d be! HOWEVER, the Sleigher did not expect to find her funny at all. Her impression of T.I. phoning Justin Timberlake, who “doesn’t just think he’s African-American; he thinks he’s a dark-skinned brother from a tribe in the Congo with a bone in his nose,” is arguably more fun than editing a music-in-review issue.

THE PEN PIN THAT SOMEONE GIVES YOU BECAUSE YOU “ARE A WRITER”: Boobies! Pubes! There is no joke Griffin can’t improve with a wee spot of potty talk. Donald Trump’s eyebrows are “a pubic wig gone wrong.” The Gracie Awards, one of which she won three days before recording this concert this past June, are for women in radio and television, so they’re “all about the pussy.” The Sleigher smiles politely but winces while doing so.

CHEER FACTOR: 0/10 holiday-wise, 5/10 otherwise

WATCH: “Justin Out-Blacks T.I.”