Hello! Hirshhorn Director Richard Koshalek wants to put a giant bubble on top of the museum. Wuh?

Writing in the New York Times, architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff details a plan for a blue, 145-foot inflatable structure (he describes it as a multipurpose meeting hall) that would bloom from the museums’s central courtyard twice a year and spend the rest of the time in storage. Ouroussoff writes that the bubble “would transform one of the most somber buildings on the mall into a luminous pop landmark. It could be the most uplifting work of civic architecture built in the capital since I. M. Pei completed his East Building of the National Gallery of Art more than 30 years ago.” To my eyes, it looks like a poached Easter egg—but also, well, wonderfully ostentatious for the fairly sober-looking National Mall (and anything that turns my eyes heavenward, and away from the mall’s ocean of patchy grass, is a blessing). At least by Ouroussoff’s account, the bubble seems like it’s a real possibility: As far as museum expansions go, the price tag isn’t especially steep ($5 million), and the project wouldn’t require approval of the Smithsonian’s notoriously stodgy Fine Arts Commission and the National Capital Planning Commission—which only oversee permanent expansions. Instead, the bubble merely requires an OK from the Hirshhorn’s board, since it would only be inflated for two months of the year.

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