XIB – “Photo Shoot

In today’s paper, I mention that lately, Gucci Mane, and not Wale,has been the most popular rapper in the DMV. I attribute that to the car-stereo test, but there’s admittedly no definitive measuring stick for this assertion. Street buzz is a vague construct and neither artist’s audience is buying too many records these days (Gucci’s The State vs. Radric Davis moved 90K last week, roughly triple Wale’s first-week sales, but still far from an earth-shattering chart debut). But I want to bolster my claim with a slightly more tangible testament to Gucci’s local popularity—-his ubiquity in the go-gos. So hit the jump for some more YouYube clips of cranking go-go takes on future Gucci classics.

Reaction Band – “Gucci Bandana

Reaction – “I Think I Love Her

TOB – “Gorgeous

Renegade Band – “Gucci” (“Walkin On Ice“)

BWA – “Burrrprint 3” (Medley)

Renegade – “Spotlight

Allstarz – “Wasted

What Band – “Trap Say Aye

XIB – “Lemonade” (rehearsal)