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Tabi Bonney:

the plane is not the same as de plane. I’m just putting it out there cuz that could be a serious issue.

Hand me a airplane barf bag young. This grown man was walking down the street with long flowing hair & a hoola-hoop. Thought it was a lady!

I think it’s something awkwardly strange with ppl who are preoccupied w/other ppl. I call them professional nut holders aka human jockstrap


Back in DC!! First person to play Sublime and/or Jack Johnson gonna die. Matter fact, don’t even play jay-z unplugged. 45 degree drop!

One time before I die, I will use the phone on an airplane. But who to call? My phone-a-friend lifeline? Premature ejactulation phone sex?

Apparently pogs were invented in hawaii. Fact or fiction? Ps- lau lau!! So good! Gonna start wrappin urrythang in taro leaves

These United States:

strange day! hangovers rage like wildfire! hostile TUS takeover of Jacob+Laura+Tom’s livingroom! Live at Reading! Deliverance! Saag paneer?!

swappin tunes w/ rad 65-yr-old pipe-smokin German translator downstairs neighbor – Andrew Bird fr Paolo Conte – winter’s good fr learnin!

John Mattis:

DCIC had fun playing on public access cable last night. Thanks Arlington Indie Media! (youtube clips coming soon). Xmas record in the works.

You know you want ’em: Jonathan Matis ring tones. No, really. http://bit.ly/7P5F05