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Beau & Arrow: Jake woos Neytiri, experiences unusual skin condition.

Thanks, Fox!! From Allied Publicity:

I’m sure you have all seen the trades and reviews running and I know that has brought up some concern and questions. Given that a lot of outlets are running their reviews we know that it is not fair to ask everyone else to continue to hold theirs. The studio would obviously like reviews to run on opening day, but if you do decide to run prior to that know that there will not be any repercussions from the studio. We understand that you want to do what is best for your readers and we do acknowledge and appreciate all of you that have abided by the studios embargo.

Which means that Arts Desk is totally allowed to blurb Tricia Olszewski‘s Avatar review. To wit:

Perhaps Cameron kept the characters broad and the story simple in order to keep viewers’ attention where he wants it—on, duh, the effects. The film was more than 10 years in the making, and the director actually invented his own cameras to create this digital world, borrowing extensively from his post-Titanic deep-sea escapades to bring Pandora to life: The planet’s lush green milieu bursts with brightly colored or iridescent plants and insects that sway with grace, with animals that are scaly, toothy, and ferocious. Adjectives such as “beautiful” and “breathtaking” have been thrown at Avatar, and they’re apt. But I’ll throw in a third B: Boring. Neytiri tells Jake that she saved him because he has a “strong heart,” but the film has none. When you need to spend more time reading about a movie’s construction than watching the result, that’s a fail no matter how wondrous the visuals. The inevitable making-of doc, however? I’d wager that will be a can’t-miss.—-Tricia Olszewski

Read the whole thing—-free & legal—-right here. And check out the freaky trailer too! Oh, wait. Everyone’s already seen that.