David Dunlap Jr. downloaded the most recent Depeche Mode album last spring, and he does not know why. Clearly, he’d had a few too many Shirley Temples.

Writing in our Music in Review issue, Dunlap explains how just a few tipples bring out his inner nostalgic beast—-which is exactly how he ended up downloading a much-derided Deep Purple album one unfortunate summer evening. He told his wife he needed help, but she was just relieved he hadn’t renewed his Suicide Girls subscription. He writes:

I talked to a few friends about drinking and downloading music. I eventually found out that a colleague had experienced something similar. After watching The Hangover, she and her boyfriend were inspired to bust out a bottle of tequila. In an agave-fueled fugue state, she ended up downloading, in addition to the entire Pixies discography, what her boyfriend described as “a song by song re-creation of The White Album by the world’s worst Beatles cover band.”

Read the full essay, preferably with a shot of Jim Beam, here.