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HO HO WHO: The Strokes’ formerly disheveled (stylishly) and now dapper (very stylishly) frontman covers “I Wish It Was Christmas Today,” that bizarre, charming ditty from an SNL sketch featuring Horatio Sanz, Chris Kattan, Tracy Morgan, and Jimmy Fallon.

THE LOWER EAST SIDE RETRO ROCKER: Actual sleigh bells notwithstanding, Casablancas could’ve played “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” for cheap laughs. Instead, his version is anthemic, full-throated New Wave bliss—-it’s Christmas with Casios, with every syllable meant wholeheartedly.

THE UPPER EAST SIDE RETRO ROCKER: In the original version, Fallon made awesome dinosaur sounds on his thrift-store keyboard; undoubtedly, Casablancas’ take could use a few “RAWR!” noises. Also, this song cries—-CRIES!—-for visual accompaniment. Look, Sanz is clearly 50 times the performer Casablancas is—-although can anyone make standing still look so good?—-but seriously, Julian: Throw on the ratty Christmas sweater someone gave you in 1983, hand your bandmates some maracas or something, and COMMIT THIS SHIT TO VIDEO. Also, use lots the dino noises.