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Popular wisdom will tell you that the album is quickly going the way of the 45, and yet it’s no stretch to say that most people in my line of work (that’d be criticism!) still think about music in album-centered terms. I’m certainly guilty of this, but with every year, more and more of my favorite songs seem to come from singles, EPs, and—-of course—-MySpace. On Twitter this afternoon, I’m spinning some of my favorite nonalbum songs from 2009. Check out what I’ve got—-with links and videos—-after the jump. Reload often!

1. Rory Kane featuring Nika Roza Danilova“The Choice”

2. Memory Cassette“50 mph”

3. The Very Best – “Julia” (Javelin remix)

4. Suburban Kids with Biblical Names – “1999”

5. Solange – “Stillness is the Move”

6. Pill Wonder“Wishing Whale”

7. Kim – “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright”

8. Frida Hyvonen – “Jesus Was A Crossmaker”

9. Still Going – “Spaghetti Circus”

10. The Points“Shout”

11. Sleigh Bells“Ring Ring”

12. jj“My Life, My Swag”

13. Free Energy – “Free Energy”

14.Feadz featuring MC Wesley – “Subiu, Desceu”

15. Eternal Summers“Safe at Home”

16. Diamond Rings – “All Yr Songs”

17. Casper Bangs – “Queen of Hearts”

18. Destroyer – “Bay of Pigs”